I help a small number of business leaders take their enterprise to the next level.

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I’ve navigated all the challenges you’d expect in the course of co-founding and running Mountain Goat Beer for 18 years. And after selling the company to Asahi in 2015, I now help guide other leaders - across a range of industries - on their journey.

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How I help


As you may have found, it can be very hard to see the best path forward when you’re deep in the day to day of your business. I’ve been in this place and know how you can find yourself working very hard but not necessarily getting closer to what you most want.

I act as a strategic thinking partner, a challenger and someone to get my clients on track to achieve their goals. I help them get more out of what they already have and help their enterprise reach its potential.

The clients I work with are open, ethical and ambitious and their organisations generally have good potential to grow.

If you message me we can set up an initial call or meet up. Your can learn more about how I work and I’ll tell you whether I think I can help.